We all know that the choker necklace has gone from a zero to a 100 real quick in the fashion industry. A lot of us want this but our pockets empty or we can’t just seem to find it in our local store. But I present to you a solution to your problem and it’s very affordable.


  • A stretchy cord or string of any color. This could be found in any hardware store.image
  • A binder clip. You could get this at a stationary store or any old file compilation.image

Following each step crucially should get your desired result.


  • Cut an arm length of the string (from you elbow to your palm twice) with a little extra space for the joining then cut it.image
  • Place the binder clip on a strong platform and place your string on it.
  • Pull one straight string and make a loop over the other string then pull it upwards to tighten itimage

  • Repeat this process with the other string and watch your choker form.image
  • When you have formed it to your size, trim off the excess and tie one string from the end to the other sideimageyou could burn the edges to make the choker more securedimageAnd finally you have your choker…Clap for yourself, you deserve it👏🏾imageimage

You could add any pendant of your choice or beads to make it unique. Leave any suggestions or comments down below.XOXO


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